Wednesday, July 30, 2014
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Earth Worms 250g Per Tub

Earth Worms 250g Per Tub
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Quick Overview

A variety of different sized earthworms for feeding to your pet newt, salamander and other worm eating pets. These are also good worms for fishing.


Dendrobaena are tough and the most popular worm used for fishing, they are lively, wriggle like no other worm and survive in the coldest of waters for longer. Not only can Dendrobaena be used in fresh water but in brackish water too.

Looking after Dendrobaena couldn’t be easier, providing they are in a reasonable sized container (with air holes) with some moist bedding, a little bit of food and out of direct sunlight they will live quite happily for weeks, no need to keep in the fridge, but a word of warning, don’t leave the lid off in the dark or they will be gone!

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Manufacturer Swarm Supplies